Protecting what you have built for the next generation takes careful planning and an experienced partner who understands your goals and objectives and can tailor a plan to help you achieve them. Often, individuals and business owners put off creating an estate plan, leaving the future of their assets uncertain and placing an undue burden on their loved ones. Whether you are a business owner or you have built your personal wealth through a successful career, the estate planning team at Hahn Loeser can help. We will work with you to navigate evolving tax laws, minimize tax exposure and create a strategy to preserve your assets and reach your estate planning goals.

Why Choose Hahn Loeser for your trusts and estates legal needs?

Hahn Loeser’s experienced trusts and estates attorneys offer comprehensive estate planning services for professionals, business executives, entrepreneurs, professional athletes and other individuals. We have assisted families – often through multiple generations — in the transfer and preservation of wealth.

We also have significant experience representing owners of privately held companies, guiding them through succession planning and resolving difficult issues that arise among family members in a business dynamic.

In addition, we work extensively with individual trustees, corporate trustees, financial planners, accountants and insurance agents. Our attorneys serve as advisors and counselors in the settlement and administration of trusts and estates, and as trust protectors. We also advise clients on domicile planning and avoidance of state gift and estate taxes, as well as planning for large IRAs.

Our Approach

We work with our clients to understand their values, wishes and challenges, and we customize a plan to fit their needs.

Our highly respected team balances a sophisticated approach with an ability to translate the legal issues involved into practical advice, and we offer cutting-edge techniques and creative and comprehensive plans that are easy to understand.

Without careful planning, both your assets and your wishes for the future of your estate could be jeopardized. Hahn Loeser’s trusts and estates team is here to help.