We have clients throughout the country who wish to relocate to and establish their permanent home in Florida. These clients include professionals who move to Florida for business reasons and retirees who move to Florida for a change in lifestyle. Many steps must be taken to demonstrate the client’s intent to reside permanently in Florida and establish his or her domicile in Florida. Once a Florida domicile has been established, the new Florida resident can take advantage of Florida’s favorable tax and asset protection laws.

Our services for domicile planning include:

  • Assistance with determining the number of days each year that an individual must be physically present in Florida in order to be considered a permanent Florida resident (instead of a resident of his or her former state);
  • Advice with regard to Florida’s homestead laws, including the application for the Florida Homestead tax exemption for the new Florida residence;
  • Assistance with the closing and settlement on the purchase of a residence in Florida; and
    • Preparation and filing of a Florida Declaration of Domicile in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the county where the Florida residence is located.

We also offer general advice and assistance with regard to voter registration, car titling, income tax filings, the preparation of new estate planning documents that are compliant with Florida law, and establishing new banking and investment relationships, if needed.