With copyrights, the “IT” is about understanding the creative expression of a work, the exclusive rights that are afforded to the creator of the work, and the limitations and exceptions to those rights.  Our copyright attorneys have litigated copyright cases in Federal Courts, defended against copyright trolls,  managed copyright portfolios, and counseled clients with respect to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, work for hire, fair use and negotiated use rights.

Copyright Trolls

It is no longer only patent trolls companies need to be concerned with. There is a rising abundance of entities trolling the internet and engaging in mass letter writing campaigns to demand settlements for alleged copyright infringement, often seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars in unwarranted “statutory” damages. We have come to know these entities as “copyright trolls.” Defending against a copyright troll requires an in-depth knowledge of copyright law and the exceptions and limitations. We have significant experience in responding to, negotiating, and defending against these copyright trolls.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act

When the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) was passed, it put copyright law and the internet squarely in the spotlight. We are still seeing the effects of the DMCA. As technology continues to advance and the use of the internet to conduct business continues to expand, there is increased focus on the reach of the DMCA, including the use of the DMCA’s takedown notice.  We are experienced in defending and enforcing takedown notices and have counseled many clients, domestically and internationally, with respect to the procedure.