With copyrights, the “IT” is about understanding the creative expression of a work, the exclusive rights that are afforded to the creator of the work, and the limitations and exceptions to those rights.

Our copyright attorneys:

  • Litigate copyright cases in Federal Court
  • Defend against copyright trolls
  • Manage copyright portfolios

We counsel clients with respect to work for hire, fair use and negotiated use rights in areas that include software, cybersquatting and website design, video games, music and performance, art, construction and architectural designs, instruction manuals, packaging, logos, fashion, jewelry, as well as related piracy and insurance claims. In addition, we provide counsel related to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) which protects copyright holders from online theft of copyrighted works.

Copyright Trolls
Companies need to be concerned with more menacing entities than patent trolls. There is a rising abundance of entities trolling the internet and engaging in mass letter writing campaigns to demand settlements for alleged copyright infringement, often seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars in unwarranted “statutory” damages. We have come to know these entities as “copyright trolls.” Defending against a fraudulent copyright troll requires an in-depth knowledge of copyright law and its exceptions and limitations. We have significant experience in responding, negotiating, and defending against these copyright trolls on behalf of our clients.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act
We are experienced with all facets of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), including enforcing and defending against internet and social media takedown notices. We have counseled many clients, domestically and internationally, with respect to these procedures nationally and internationally on various platforms including Amazon, YouTube, and Tmall and TikTok for Hong Kong/China.