At Hahn Loeser we don’t shy away from the technology underlying data privacy and data security, we embrace it. Housed within our intellectual property group, our data privacy and cybersecurity team includes patent lawyers and former professional engineers with hands on network building and programming experience, who also are at the forefront of data privacy and security law. 

Our technical knowledge and experience puts our team at the forefront of cybersecurity and data privacy law, allowing us not just to react to developing data security problems, but to help our clients anticipate future issues that may arise as a result of advances in technology. 

Companies and organizations of all sizes have an increased dependence on technology and cyberattacks which continue to be a threat in our interconnected society. Having a legal partner who understands both the legal issues and the technology involved is critical. At Hahn Loeser, our Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Team takes a hands-on, comprehensive approach to handling these risks. Before a breach, Hahn Loeser offers strategic counseling for companies developing or updating their data privacy and cybersecurity policies; developing action plans for responding to data and security breaches; providing training and education to company employees on cybersecurity and data privacy issues. 

We have worked with our clients proactively to:

  • Conduct due diligence and data security and data privacy audits
  • Develop and update their cybersecurity/data privacy policies
  • Develop company response plans in the event of a data breach or cyber threat
  • Train and educate engineers on the legal issues in this area
  • Create best practices for companies and organizations to implement internally
  • Train and educate companies’ data privacy groups
  • Negotiate and draft data privacy agreements and addenda
  • Counsel companies and organizations on data privacy risks
  • Evaluate and review insurance coverage options related to cyber security and data breaches

If there is a breach, Hahn Loeser’s Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Team partners with clients to help them address the legal and business ramifications that typically follow. Our responsive team offers a cross-disciplinary approach to ensure swift and effective steps are taken to limit the risks and address concerns. We understand the potential impact of these issues on businesses and their customers and create a partnership with businesses to protect their future.

With the seriousness of the issues involved and the potential exposure, data breaches can be the subject of class action lawsuits. Our Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Team includes attorneys with a long history of successfully trying and defending against class actions. Actual breaches might also trigger insurance coverage, which can result in a dispute with an insurance company. Our cross-disciplinary team also has experience handling significant insurance coverage litigation disputes.

Whatever the needs, our Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Team stands ready to help companies navigate these complex threats.