When considering our experienced business law attorneys at Hahn Loeser, it is important to understand the philosophy of our M&A practice. Our leading business law firm was founded in large measure as a diversified M&A practice, and we focus on making the success of your business our No. 1 priority. From our M&A beginnings, and from our extensive experience accrued throughout our long history, we understand that M&A is a multifaceted, multidisciplinary practice. It requires a dedicated commitment to staying technically current and being able to move quickly to support clients’ varied needs.

To meet our clients’ needs, we have organized our M&A and transactional practice under a single organizational structure, our Business Practice Area. This structure allows our business law attorneys to bring together all of the disciplines necessary to complete any transaction successfully. At the client level, we take that concept further by forming a multidisciplinary team around each client. This gives all attorneys on the team instant access to whatever information is necessary to answer a client’s question or to solve the challenge, whether that is related to tax, real estate, corporate structure, or even the review of intellectual property.

In our M&A client teams, one or two attorneys are designated as the leaders and have ultimate control over all aspects of the transaction, staffing of the team and billing/budgeting. These teams meet regularly to exchange information and coordinate their various efforts to ensure the client is served effectively and efficiently. Team meetings are also conducted without charge to the client. Given this unique structure, our M&A teams handle transactions ranging from the acquisition and divestiture of companies and/or their divisions, to the divestiture of former corporate headquarters, to the review of the acquisition of intellectual property portfolios.