Hahn Loeser has direct experience in evaluating, protecting, enforcing, and litigating intellectual property in the automotive, aerospace and alternative fuel system space.  Our team’s experience includes truck transmissions, tire technologies and related steel, aluminum, ceramic, polymer and composite materials, sensors, monitors, control systems, autonomous vehicles, jet engine parts, including turbine blades and vanes, aircraft components, heads up displays, natural gas vehicles and compressed and liquified natural gas technologies, fuel system and fuel injection technologies, as well as experience with other alternative fuel and energy storage technologies. 

With more than 20 licensed patent attorneys and agents, our Intellectual Property department has expertise in all aspects of intellectual property and technology law and licensing.  Our patent attorneys hold one or more degrees in engineering or other recognized fields of science and many have significant industry experience which includes experience directly related to automotive technologies including control systems for integrated automotive drivetrains such as controller are networks (CAN bus) and hybrid automotive drivetrains and control systems and engineering experience on the lunar module and the F-14 fighter aircraft.  Our attorneys develop expertise specifically relating to the industries with which they practice, and then apply it broadly to various aspects of patent law, including patent prosecution, counseling, litigation, and licensing.

Our technological expertise enables us to work with your inventors to help them prepare the most effective innovation disclosures and identify the aspects of innovations that are most likely to benefit from robust patent protection.  Our team has experience in all phases of patent life cycle – prosecution, licensing, litigation and portfolio management.  We draw upon this experience to secure patent rights with a view toward maximizing the value of a patent portfolio as a while over the entire lifespan of the patents.