Taxes are an inevitable result of our clients’ successes in pursuing their careers, running their businesses and investing their income and assets. Minimizing those taxes and proper compliance with the tax laws is important to maintain those successes and to build upon them. Hahn Loeser attorneys have the experience and knowledge to guide our clients in a wide variety of tax matters, both for individuals and their businesses. We often work as part of a team that includes other professionals such as the client’s accountant, banker, insurance professional, financial advisor and trust officer.

Tax Controversy

Hahn Loeser attorneys have substantial experience successfully representing our clients in controversies involving tax returns and requests for advice from the IRS including:

  • Preparation of Private Letter Ruling requests to the IRS
  • Audits of income, gift and estate tax returns prepared by us or others
  • Pursuit of taxpayers’ appeal rights with the IRS Appeals Division
  • United States Tax Court and Federal District Court cases

We also represent businesses and individuals in state and local tax disputes, including income, sales, and use tax audit defense.

Tax Advice for Transactions and Litigation Settlements

We provide analysis and advice to our clients regarding the income, sales, use, gift, and estate tax consequences of business transactions within and outside of the family context.