Hahn Loeser has real experience and depth of understanding in chemical and materials, with a team that is equally comfortable evaluating complex chemical syntheses as they are willing to put on safety goggles so they can see firsthand our clients’ technologies in action. Our attorneys and patent agents include former engineers and researchers, a number of whom have Master’s Degrees and Ph.D.’s., with backgrounds and real world experience in chemical and petroleum engineering, materials science, mechanical and civil engineering, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, genetics, and microbiology.  Representative technologies include:  steel, aluminum, casting, metallic and ceramic coatings, nanomaterials, heat treatments, semiconductor processing, polymers, pharmaceuticals, foams, lipid based delivery systems, biomaterials, catalysis, surface science, hydrolysis, concrete, construction materials, polymers, composite materials, fibers, adhesives, and packaging materials and related processes and products.

Whatever your chemical and materials IP patent needs, be it prosecution, litigation, licensing, counseling, or joint venture and investment due diligence, Hahn Loeser’s IP attorneys are ready to help. 

Capabilities Within Our Practice