The energy and environmental sectors face a unique combination of government regulation, capital intensive R&D, venture capital and other funding mechanisms, and industry standard setting that greatly complicate the intellectual property landscape.  In some countries this can result in either compulsory licensing of these technologies or government appropriation of the technologies, which are seen as critical to national development and security.  Some countries also seek to promote innovation in these technologies by offering accelerated patent examination programs for so-called “green” technologies.

Hahn Loeser IP attorneys have the expertise and experience in traditional and alternative energy and environmental technologies to help our client navigate the complex energy and environmental IP landscape while attaining their business objectives.  Our team, which is equally comfortable evaluating complex organic and biochemistry as they are willing to put on a hard hat and climb to the top of a hydrolysis reactor in the middle of a Midwest corn field, includes former engineers and researchers, a number of whom have Master’s Degrees and Ph.D.’s., with backgrounds and real world experience in chemical and petroleum engineering, materials science, mechanical and civil engineering, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, biology and botany.  Technologies include:  petroleum, ethanol and other biofuels, hydrolysis, clean coal, catalysis, wind, solar, hydroelectric, recycling and industrial resource recovery, natural gas and fracking, fuel cells, batteries and other storage technologies, power generation and water purification.

Whatever your energy and environmental IP patent needs, be it prosecution, litigation, licensing, counseling involving FRAND standards and standard setting bodies, or joint venture and investment due diligence, Hahn Loeser’s s are ready to help.