Steve Gariepy has been invited to join Museum Associates, a program at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Stephen H. Gariepy

Steve Gariepy has been invited to join a select group of leaders chosen from all segments of the greater Cleveland community to participate in a comprehensive, behind-the-scenes program at the Cleveland Museum of Art known as Museum Associates. This eight-year-old program provides an introduction to the collections, operations and programs at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Each Museum Associate will become well versed in the complexities of the museum enterprise. With the Museum’s expansion and renovation project now underway, the Museum promises this will be an extraordinary experience. The Museum Associates program consists of a series of six seminars lead by Charles Venable, deputy director of collections and programs. The group will visit various parts of the museum for in-depth tours conducted by curators and other professional staff. The Associates program will soon be joined by the new director. The purpose is to provide the Museum Associates participants an intimate view of the Cleveland Museum of Art’s distinctive collection through private and direct interaction with its curators and other senior staff. This is a splendid behind-the-scenes opportunity to learn more about our magnificent museum, its activities and programs with an enthusiastic and interested group of other community leaders.