Litigation Team Makes Quick Work of Client’s Lingering Headache

Jacqueline A. Meese-Martinez, Joel W. Hyatt, Erica L. Calderas

A Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act (FCCPA) class action lawsuit was filed against a Hahn Loeser client a year ago without much progress in resolving it. Hahn Loeser’s client then asked how the dispute could be handled. The Firm outlined previous experience handling similar complaints, including a successful defense outcome against the same plaintiff’s attorney.

Hahn Loeser created a plan involving a multi-level strategy that would be implemented if retained to handle the dispute. Once the client made the decision to hire Hahn Loeser, the Litigation team implemented an aggressive, creative, and prompt solution to the lawsuit.  In less than a month, Jacqueline Meese-Martinez, Joel Hyatt and Erica Calderas had reached a confidential settlement with the plaintiff that was very favorable to the client. 

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