“DNA Repair Functions That Control Sensitivity to Topoisomerase-Targeting Drugs”

Mona Malik, Ph.D., B.Sc.

Mona Malik, Ph.D. co-authored this article discussing the critical roles DNA topoisomerases play in a wide range of cellular processes by altering DNA topology to facilitate replication, transcription, and chromosome segregation. Topoisomerases alter DNA topology by introducing transient DNA strand breaks that involve a covalent protein DNA intermediate. Many agents have been found to prevent the religation of DNA strand breaks induced by the enzymes, thereby converting the enzymes into  DNA-damaging  agents.  Repair  of  the  DNA  damage  induced  by  topoisomerases  is significant in  understanding drug resistance arising following treatment with topoisomerase-targeting drugs.

Mona Malik, Ph.D., supports patent prosecution and litigation and provides technical and scientific guidance in various fields of life sciences, including cell biology, immunology/immunotherapy, genetics, biochemistry, pharmacology, virology, oncology, plant sciences and agriculture. With an advance degree and more than a dozen years of research experience, Mona brings noteworthy credentials to the patent issues of intellectual property. She earned a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge after investigating complex mechanisms of chromosomal gene recombination and gene replacement

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