Be Tweet Life And Death: Utilizing Social Media While Avoiding Legal Malpractice

In the last 15 years, advanced technology has enabled people to interact and share information in ways that were previously nonexistent or widely unavailable.1 This technological expansion has led to an explosion of social media use all across the world. In the U.S., not only are 84 percent of all adults “digital,” meaning they have a smartphone, tablet, or computer, but social media is now the top worldwide Internet activity.2 Lawyers, like everyone else, are not immune to this technological expansion. In 2014, the American Bar Association found that 75 percent of lawyers reported using social media for career development and networking.3 While it is true that a majority of lawyers are engaging in social media, many of them are either engaging social media inefficiently or reluctantly.4 Due to its omnipresence and prominence, lawyers can no longer afford the luxury of turning a blind eye to social media. As such, all lawyers should take steps to educate themselves on the impacts, advantages, and repercussions associated with it.

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