Allison Christensen

Naples litigation partner Allison Christensen knew she wanted to be a lawyer from a very young age. While in high school in Michigan, her mom, an American Red Cross nurse, struck up a conversation with a blood donor, who was an attorney at a boutique law firm. Hearing about Allison’s interest in a law career, the attorney suggested she would be a great fit to do part-time administrative work at the firm to get some experience in the legal field.

While attending high school and throughout college at the University of Michigan, Allison worked as a legal intern at the firm. As her experience grew and her academic career progressed, she was given increased responsibilities. After law school graduation from Wayne State University, Allison stayed on at the boutique firm as an associate.

Business Development Efforts Change Allison’s Life Path
As part of her networking and business development plan, Allison reached out to an old friend from middle school, who was a financial advisor. Allison intended to simply make a professional connection but the “old friend” instead asked her out on a date, and later became her husband. Open to new opportunities and a new adventure, they moved to Naples in 2012.

Finding a Great Fit and Great Mentors at HLP
Allison was thrilled to be hired by Hahn Loeser and quickly knew it was a great fit. She is grateful to be surrounded by many talented, devoted, creative and hardworking lawyers and has found numerous mentors within the firm.

Focused on Family and the Community
Outside of work, Allison dedicates her time to the Collier County Women’s Bar Association, the Humane Society of Naples, and the Naples Zoo. She and her husband love taking advantage of the sunny Florida weather by exploring parks and beaches with their daughters.“`

Allison is extremely close to her family. She looks forward to summer getaways to her family’s lake home in Michigan, where there is a plaque that says: “It’s nice to be important, but more important to be nice.” It is clear that Allison lives by this motto.

In her free time, Allison enjoys yoga, movies, spending time outdoors and listening to podcasts.