Alan Kopit discusses the legal ramnifications of underage drinking

Alan Kopit talks about how underage drinking is a serious problem that usually starts before college. He says that 94% of 12 graders find it easy to obtain alcohol as well as 68% of 8th graders. Many parents believe that its okay as long as underagers are drinking on their private property, which Alan explains is not true and that they can be held liable both in criminal and civil courts. Because 60% of college students are underage, Alan says that many universities are cracking down on underage consumption. In one example he talks about how the University of Massachusetts’ Amherst campus started a major marketing campaign to prevent underage drinking by prohibiting drinking games, not allowing more than 10 students in a dorm room and developing educational programs on alcohol. By taking these types of steps Alan says that it reduces universities’ liabilities when it comes to lawsuits involving underage drinking.