You have worked hard to develop your practice, gained expertise about an industry and built strong relationships with clients. As a firm with a national reputation, Hahn Loeser continually seeks attorneys that are looking for new challenges. Whether you fit into one of our current practice areas or are hoping to bring your unique practice strengths to our firm, we look for a good fit both personally and professionally and seek outstanding lawyers who share our values and team approach to practicing law. Based on that shared vision and approach, we work closely with each new attorney to transition them into the firm and offer a smooth integration into our cross-discipline approach.

Transitioning your established practice and clients to a new firm can be a daunting task. Our attorneys and professional staff at Hahn Loeser are here to make the move as smooth as possible. We understand that a transition doesn’t end when onboarding ends. Our team will continuously work to ensure that you and your clients are comfortable throughout the process and that we position your practice for growth.

For lateral associates, wherever you are in your career path, Hahn Loeser is dedicated to your success. We provide opportunities to collaborate with senior associates and seasoned partners and help you continue to succeed in your legal career.

We support membership in professional associations, participation in training and access to resources that will help you continue to develop your professional career. Additionally, we readily accommodate and support you through flexible working arrangements as necessary.