Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP promotes its founding values of diversity, equity, and inclusion by recruiting, retaining, and empowering all of its professionals. We are strongly committed to and proud of the rich diversity of our legal and support staff. The diversity of HLP professionals—in race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender,  gender identity and expression, age, veteran status, and work experience—confer vital benefits to our firm culture and operations. HLP strives to foster an inclusive culture that encourages our talented and diverse attorneys to bring their whole selves to work, advance, and thrive.

Promoting diversity and equality is not only a socially responsible initiative at HLP, but a strategic and vital business initiative that drives innovation and success. When multifaceted teams approach legal issues with a breadth of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, we are able to provide authentic, innovative, and comprehensive solutions to our clients.

Inclusion Over Isolation

As Hahn Loeser’s 100th anniversary coincides with this once-in-a-century crisis, we are taking time to reflect on our diverse history and encourage inclusivity. Understanding we are all in this together and knowing our approach is not the only approach, Hahn Loeser sought out perspectives from industry leaders to learn how their organizations are adapting during the pandemic and start a community discussion on the importance of remaining intentionally inclusive during this time of isolation.

In this video, Stan Gorom, HLP managing partner and CEO, Kevin Clayton, Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion & Community Engagement for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Elizabeth Hensen, Assistant General Counsel at Exelon share their insights and encourage all of us to embrace the “new normal” by seeing people in their full light, building authentic relationships, and remaining inclusive.

Hahn Loeser is working to ensure that our founding principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion remain our guiding principles for the next 100 years. 

CEO's Message Regarding Recent Events

Please also take a moment to read our CEO and Managing Partner Stan Gorom's recent message regarding the killing of George Floyd and other injustices against Black Americans.

 To enhance the diversity of our ranks, the firm:

  • Participates in bar association minority clerkship programs
  • Participates in minority job fairs
  • Considers the background, work and other experience of law student candidates in addition to their academic standing; and
  • Provides ongoing training to all associates for practice skills that will help them develop successful and rewarding careers.

Gender equality is also critically important to the firm. That’s why Hahn Loeser established the Women’s Leadership Initiative to help female professionals develop leadership skills, increase opportunities for growth and mitigate the unique obstacles and challenges women may face.

Hahn Loeser has a long history of supporting women’s development initiatives, dating back to the firm’s first female partner in the 1980s. For decades, these initiatives have been at the core of our efforts to foster an inclusive work environment and encourage and support the success of all of the attorneys.

The initiative is committed to:

  • Retaining the firm’s current roster of female legal talent and continuing to grow that roster by recruiting and attracting talented women attorneys
  • Promoting and advancing the women attorneys to become leaders within the firm
  • Supporting and mentoring the younger women attorneys
  • Facilitating training and networking opportunities for all of the firm’s women attorneys

The initiative works with Hahn Loeser’s leadership to design and support programming to develop leadership skills and create unique business development opportunities for women attorneys. It also works in the community to promote the advancement of women by engaging in thoughtful dialogue; sponsoring, hosting or attending women’s events; and providing overall support to women in their professional endeavors.