Chicago Title Insurance Co.

Successfully defended Chicago Title Insurance Company, wiping out a claim for $211 million in punitive damages. On January 30, 2013, a Kansas City, Missouri jury agreed with Hahn Loeser’s Chicago Title trial team, awarding no punitive damages (Krause v. Chicago Title Ins. Co., Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri; No. 0516-CV30246). The class, which consisted of over 40,000 Missouri residents, alleged that Plaintiffs alleged were “overcharged” for recording fees in real estate closings in Missouri between 2000-2008. The Plaintiffs sought $3.1 million in compensatory damages and $211 million in punitive damages. Chicago Title vehemently denied that any punitive damages were warranted. The jury agreed with Chicago Title and rendered a swift verdict for only $1.1 million in compensatory damages on two claims. The jury decided the third claim—breach of fiduciary duty—in Chicago Title’s favor. The jury also sided with Chicago Title regarding Plaintiffs’ request for punitive damages and awarded Plaintiffs no punitive damages at all.